Best Cleveland Haunted Houses

Top Cleveland Haunted Houses

Cleveland is home to some of the best haunted houses in america.  The #1 rated haunted house in ohio is The Fear Experience according to, has also declared The Fear Experience northeast ohio’s premier haunted attraction.

Haunted Houses in Cleveland

The Fear Experience is located at 10701 Brookpark Rd. Cleveland, Ohio at the intersection of Brookpark and Tiedeman.  Featuring 4 award winning haunted houses in cleveland under one roof in a 100,000 sqft complex of fear.
Halloween Attractions located at the fear experience haunted house include:

  • Braxton Estate
  • Centralia Mental Facility
  • Centralia County Fair
  • District 13
  • Buried Alive Simulator, Coffin Ride

Cleveland Haunted House Tickets

You may buy your tickets to this haunted house in cleveland online at  Be sure to buy your tickets in advance and buy a VIP ticket as the event is extremely popular and lines can get very long.